“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one”

Maternal OCD can be hugely traumatizing and yet it's not talked about enough.

When we don't talk about a condition it makes the sufferer feel even more alone.

Maternal OCD is a fabulous site and organization run by a friend of WESTDORSETPANDAS, Maria Bavetta and her colleague Diana Wilson.

Founder of WESTDORSETPANDAS obsessive thoughts included, hurting her baby and a fear of glass falling into her milk (which sounds rather strange when looking back).

Maternal OCD explain more about such intrusive thoughts and obsessions:

"Obsessions can be focused on anything from germs to symmetry. When OCD presents itself during motherhood, the responsibilities for the life and well-being of a helpless infant may be experienced as a chronic stress. This stress could result in exacerbation of OCD since fear of being responsible for harm coming to others is a theme to many OCD symptoms. (Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 1997). Obsessions i.e. intrusive thoughts will enter into all of our minds, most of us will either not even notice or not attach any significance to them, a little like a train that passes through a station and doesn’t stop. A mother with OCD will attach so much importance to any intrusive thought which suggests a perceived risk of harm coming to her child, that her train stops at the brightest station. I.e. she will give it an unhealthy amount of attention.

Examples include: – Fear of contamination to the mother, child or anyone in contact with the child e.g. perceived risk of HIV, food poisoning – Intrusive thoughts, images, doubts of harm e.g. risk of abuse/aggression if not careful – Doubts that harm could come to child e.g. bottle steriliser not working – Perfectionism e.g. everything around the house has to be a certain way. Of course this list could continue, however it illustrates the breadth of the various obsessions mothers could have."

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don't be ashamed. If you are worrying that you yourself may cause harm to your baby, this DOESN'T mean that you would.

The important thing is to get help. The sooner you get help, the sooner your fears will be abated.

visit their website for more information https://maternalocd.org/finding-help/

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