Can mindfulness help?

When depressed or anxious most of us try and escape the way we are feeling. We sometimes feel the need to physically escape or to run away. But a technique called mindfulness actually encourages the very opposite.

Mindfulness is being aware of how you are in this very moment, without judging how you are feeling. It can help us to enjoy our lives more and to understand ourselves better.

It takes some time input and dedication to keep it up but it is easy to get started, you just need your smart phone and a pair of headphones.

Have a read of the link below, 'Getting Started with Mindfulness' and see if it might be something you want to have a go at.

Another great app is It gives you 10 free, 10-minute meditations. If you think meditation isn't for you I would really recommend giving this a try. For want of a better word it is an idiot's guide. Easy to access and get into. No silly panpipes in the background, just a British guy talking you through an easy way to start mindfulness.

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